Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Firenze - Coco Lezzone

Coco Lezzone –
Via Parioncino, 26r
50123 Firenze, Italia
055 287 178

We went for lunch, and it was almost empty except for us, one table of businessmen and one table of old men.  The room is full of long communal tables, so in busier times of the year it might be a very different atmosphere.  

We ate four very memorable dishes.  The first was an unbelievable ribolitta - a very dense tuscan bean stew with escarole and bread.  This will not be available in the Summer, this is the definition of a tuscan winter dish.  Should you find yourself there in the winter, this is the way to go.  

Sloan had the tuscan tomato and bread soup: papa al pomodoro.  This should be available year round, and should be even better in the summer, but I am not sure.

My entrée was an arista di maiale, or roasted pork loin.  This was a perfectly cooked loin of pork, roasted with a stuffing of herbs in the center.  This was absolutely perfect.  

However, the dish that really stole the show was a contorno di fagioli  -  a side dish of beans.  These were tuscan white beans served with olive oil.  These were so amazingly good, I can taste them right now.  They were incredibly simple, but absolutely perfect.  

This is the kind of place you can drink house wine.  Be sure to order anything with beans, and whatever roasted meat options they are serving.  The service was extremely friendly, and the bill was very inexpensive.  Once again, nothing fancy, but the Florentine trattoria of my dreams.  A good choice for lunch or dinner.

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